You gotta be flexible

Post by: Peter (Dad)

One thing we’ve learned on this trip is the need for agility and flexibility.

Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t pan out. This morning we got up early to head to the airport for our flight to Auckland. Our alarms were set, our bags packed, our tickets and passports ready to go. I woke up ahead of the alarm to check the time on my phone and noticed that an email had arrived from our shipping broker. email-messageHe informed me that the jeep would not in fact be arriving as scheduled but would be delayed in the Solomon Islands for about 24 days! What!?!  You see, the jeep is more than just a mode of transportation, it is also our home.

This means that we would be stranded in Auckland trying to find accommodation and transportation for 24 days which would be a very expensive situation.

Carol and I discussed the situation and decided it would be better to stay in Australia and perhaps travel around this region for a while rather than go back to the north island where we had recently spent almost a month.

So we jumped into agility mode and begin making phone calls. First I called our travel agent and had her cancel today’s flights and change them to the 24th. We then called our hotel in Auckland  and Expedia in Canada and had our reservation moved from December 31 to January 24. We then called to make sure we had living arrangements lined up here in Australia.

Next we discussed some potential options with the kids, one of which was to travel to another Southeast Asian country for part of the time while we wait for the jeep to arrive. We spent most of the morning with a local travel agent looking into options and decided that the most cost-effective option on such short notice was to travel to  Bali where we could tour the island, avoid touristy resorts, and experience the local culture, wildlife and natural surroundings.

Boom, within a few hours our plans had completely changed but because we were all involved in the process and have learned to adapt quickly, we were happy and ready for our next adventure.

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