EPIC 6 Month NEW ZEALAND Road Trip Part 2: Jeep Arrives, South Island

The EPIC Family Road Trip: Episode 14 // In Part 2 of the EPIC 6 Month Road Trip In NEW ZEALAND, we pick up the Jeep in Auckland after it finally arrives after shipping from Toronto, Canada. We set off en route to the South Island and once we arrive we are whisked off on many unexpected adventures like a whale beaching rescue in Farewell Spit, and crawling through ice caves in a glacier. Join our family of five as we explore the world, living simply and comfortably in a rooftop tent and overlanding outfitted Jeep Wrangler.

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Vlog Edited By: Caroline van Stralen (@Caroline.Abroad)

5 thoughts on “EPIC 6 Month NEW ZEALAND Road Trip Part 2: Jeep Arrives, South Island

    1. Hi There. A 40 ft container costs about 5k. I’m sure you can ship a 4 wheeler for a lot cheaper by sharing a container. Hope that helps.

      1. She is next video coming out????

        I check everyday to see if there has been an update. It’s been almost two weeks. I’m going through withdraws.

      2. Last weeks video is FINALLY uploading! We were off the grid for a while but hopefully now with today’s Internet connection we can have it uploaded within the hour. Let me know when you get it! Thanks for following talk to you soon.

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