EPIC Family Road Trip Episode 56 // This week we are kicking off a new series on the EPIC Family Road Trip! We are going off the grid on a remote island on a northern Ontario lake in south-eastern Canada. We are going to be spending a few months during the summer living off the grid, exploring the northern Ontario wilderness and building an edition on our 1940’s hand built log cabin. We will be using our cabin as a base for our future adventures and over-landing trips during the summer so stay tuned for many more exciting things to come on our channel! In this episode we bring you on a little “before” tour of our cabin before any renovations or construction begins. We also give you a perspective of the work process that has occurred over the past few days of clearing some land for the new edition on the cabin, leveling the ground, and burning the debris. Then we show you some of our favourite activities to do in our free time on the island and the lake like fishing, cliff jumping, paddle boarding, and enjoying the splendid Canadian sunsets. We are excited for the next few weeks as we work towards the actual building and renovating process of the cabins edition then the decorating and designing. We hope you stay tuned for future adventures and our weekly vlogs documenting them!
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