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Product Review by Daniel vS

Helinox camping chairs are the best chairs for any adventures you will have. They are really light making them easily carried in a back pack or in your hand. We have carried these up mountains and on long hikes and when its in your hand or bag you almost forget its even there.

They are also very strong and durable. We have been using them for two years and they are still standing up to any thing we have put them through..

The skeleton of the Helinox chairs are made of a metal allow called TH72M. This is by far the strongest and lightest alloy in the wilderness making the helinox chairs the strongest camping chairs you can buy.

These chairs are also very easy to set up and pack up. Each chair comes with a convenient carry bag which is easy to pack and store. These bags can also be easily attached to a backpack.

I have used these chairs many times and I definitely recommend them for your next EPIC FAMILY ROAD TRIP.