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My research on travel-friendly Dogs

By Daniel van Stralen – 12 years old.  Over the past year I have traveled around North America with my family of 5, in our Winnebago RV. Currently we are traveling in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.   I think it’s fair to say that I am a dog lover. I would like to get… Continue reading My research on travel-friendly Dogs

Daniel · Travel Diary

Elephants in Bali

Hi my name is Daniel I’m 12. On this blog I’m going to be talking about my experience with elephants in Bali. Elephants are kind animals that care for each others safety, can carry lots of weight and can run up to 40km an hour. They have a long nose called a trunk that they… Continue reading Elephants in Bali

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To guide or not to guide. That is the question.

By Caroline ~Does having a tour guide make it less of an adventure? ~ Having a tour guide while exploring Bali was not in our initial plan, and at first I wasn’t thrilled about the idea. I have always had the notion that tourists with tour guides and itineraries are missing out on a spontaneous… Continue reading To guide or not to guide. That is the question.

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Things I am learning from life. (by Carol vS)

This is my first blog post so it’s not perfect, and a bit longer than I expected, but I really hope you find value in reading it. ___________ Hi I’m Carol. Peter and I were married 18 epic years ago. It was love at first sight. I am originally from Oregon, USA and moved to… Continue reading Things I am learning from life. (by Carol vS)

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My Story

Hi my name is Peter van Stralen. I am the proud father of three wonderful adventurous children Caroline 16, Peter 14 and  Daniel 12 and husband to my amazing wife and best friend Carol. I am a speaker, coach and author of the book CARE Leadership. I am the former CEO and co-founder of The… Continue reading My Story

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My Type 1 Adventure

The first time I felt something wrong was in Canyon lands National Park Utah. We were on a hike circling a huge crater, it was called the sync-line trail it was listed as only 8 miles round trip so we didn’t think to much of it. As the hours passed and the trail showed no… Continue reading My Type 1 Adventure

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Gaming on the road.

Airport layovers and long road trips just got a lot more fun. Introducing the GAEMS portable gaming console. Our travels have taken us over 60,000 kms of North America roads in search of epic outdoor adventures. During some of the long road stretches and long airport layovers, my brother and I have had a blast fun… Continue reading Gaming on the road.